I forgot how to start my post guys. My last post was on 5th August like a month ago.. I hope you guys still remember me. I was so busy with my trial exam, and I don't even have time to watch tv so please don't expect me to update my blog every week okay :') So, how you guys doing? what your life progress? Me? omg...

I just finished my trial exam and I realised something, how dumb I am. It's not like you're totally dumb, it feels like you know how to do it but something in your brain be an obstacle to let the ilmu stuck in your brain. Omg, faham tak? I can't explain it. Maybe I need to do a lot of exercises especially for mathematics and additional mathematics. Talk about addmaths, just now omg... I bukak that paper.. first the format was pissed me off. Vectors which is the only chapter I can score became a real satan. I almost nak buat spirit of the coin to ask ghost to answer my addmaths paper but nasib baik iman teguh. I spent 2 hours before paper 2 to revised then what came out is double satan. 

I just don't understand how people can score in maths and addmaths. Maybe it's not my forte but I still need to work hard on it! Lately, I'm trying to figure out my passion, since I'm going to end school just a stone throw away. I am so happy to finish my school life, can't wait to be an adult and face a lot of challenges. People always said that you will miss your school life once you are not there anymore. I think this is so true because when you go to school, everything is organize. In the morning, you woke up then you go to school, you study everything after that came back home; your mom sediakan makanan semua. Then you can taking a nap or playing video games. But, when you reach "adult life", do you think you guys can be this organize? I think I can because I always arrange everything before I make it real #isitconsiderriak?

That's all for today. I'm sorry this post quite short because I just wanna update you guys that I'm still alive. I promise to update new post on this saturday! Thank you for reading, I hope you guys are having an amazing day xoxo


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