Stay strong, pretty

A lot of my friends have been in a tough situation lately so I'm here to tell you guys something. In my previous post I said that you don't need me or anyone else to change but don't get me wrong. It doesn't mean you need to survive alone. I'll help you by giving some advice then you're the one who can make a move. Tak kisah how many times I giving an advice but you still at rest? Then, don't blame people around you. You said that they are negative and unhelpful. But actually you, who don't want to start your move.

Tiada siapa yang mengikhlaskan hati mereka untuk disakiti

Even your parents, if they hurt you, you still crying. Ni kan pula orang luar. Your friends. You always need to remember that your friends are not everything. You still can pass your exam without them. You still can get a job without them. It's okay if they hurt you and you want to leave. Go, just go. Don't live in circumstances that hurt you, torture you and make you unhappy. It's your life, beautiful. When people left you, do the same. You've wasted so much time wondering why people left you. Feelings faded. People will change somehow. So don't expect much from anyone. Focus on yourself first because nobody is going to help you except yourself and don't waste your efforts and time on those people anymore.

You need to realize there's someone loved you endlessly. Please, appreciate them before they leave-soon. Orang dekat sekeliling kita tak selamanya disisi. People change. Apa yang awak perlukan adalah persediaan. Bersedia untuk terima hakikat yang manusia tak selamanya faham kita. Mungkin mereka datang ketika kita di atas, dan hilang ketika kita di bawah. For those yang rasa 'ditikam' dengan kawan baik, biarlah. Remember, everything is a choice. Mereka yang pilih untuk menyakiti hati awak.

So this is my experience.

I don't know how many times I have been 'backstabbing'. I didn't count sebab banyak kali. I honestly don't know where my fault until I deserved this. I always asked myself, what I have done to you until you need to did this to me? Is it necessary to tell people bad things about me(tbh, us)? You don't know what I'm struggling for, you don't know how tired I am, then you judge like you the one who was the victim. Everyone was done with you. I begging you guys to not trust people easily. Orang yang awak dah kenal lama pun boleh backstabbing, ni kan orang yang baru kenal. It's okay to share your thoughts, problems etc. But make sure people who heard everything can keep it as a secret. There's always someone yang suka dengar masalah orang and open it to public then the society will love her and always contact her to know more about it. Simplify, attention seeker.

You can't deny the fact that you need someone by your side. As tough as you look infront of those people, you are crying inside. You want people to understand but you couldn't. You can't explain.

I pray that whoever reads this, that Allah SWT heals whatever is hurting you. Whatever is cause all those precious tears fall from your eyes, whatever is breaking your heart, whether it's stress, sadness, anxiety and loss whatever it is that is causing you pain. I pray that Allah heals all that is causing you distress and that He gives you something greater in return. Amin.

Thank you for reading!


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