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Basic Skincare Routine

It kinds of awkward to share this with you guys because I not even have a good skin but I just want you guys know some basic. This is important thing especially for a beginner. I don't want to waste your time so I will start with myself. I have a combination skin which is oily on the forehead & T-Zone and dry on my cheek. My skin not sensitive at all that's why I always change my skincare without any fears. Before this I used Garnier Duo Clean Black Rice & White Rice Whitening and Pore Minimize. It was so good. It doesn't whiten my skin but I never get any breakout when I used this product. Then, I don't know la why my tangan is so gatal to change to Bio Essence Tanaka White. I need to admit Garnier was the best. What I love about Bio Essence Tanaka White is it whiten my skin and very good in removing my makeup. I think Bio Essence is a good product cuma I salah pilih je. I not use any toner because I malas hahaha Moisturizer pulak I used Himalaya Nourishing Sk…

Life; Choice

I always trust that everything is a choice. There's no such thing like "terpaksa". Either both options are negative or negative & positive. You will choose what you gonna do. Life become harder day by day, you growing up and remember, don't stop from walking. Life is a journey. No matter how hard your life is, please always stand on your own feet. People around you are not always by your side. But, if you have one who always there, appreciate them. This journey is not a straight path as easy as ABC to walk through it. Sometimes, you can take a ride, sometimes you need to crawl. And remember, there's also sunny & rainy with a thunderstorm. That's why you need a shelter or a house to protect yourself which is your Iman. The more your Iman, the safer you're. Always remember that you are just a slave.

I always trying to be better day by day. Since I met Sir LCX, he always motivate me to always focus on the right thing. Whenever you want to achieve som…

It's My Birthday!


Thank you for all the wishes and loves :) I really really appreciated it! From Saturday until TODAY I still get the "Happy Birthday" wish from my friends. I hope you guys are doing well and be strong no matter what happens. Stay positive as well as possible and keep smiling!

So yesterday my friends and I went to Legato Floral Cafeteria @ Port Dickson to have some "chit-chat" sessions. It was third time I've been there. The environment was lit! The smell of the coffee, the colour of the flower and everything there was so satisfying.

My friends and me. We ordered Blueberry Cheese Cake, Mocha Cake, Chocolate Walnut Cake, Hot Chocolate and Caramel Machiato. 

Again, thank you to everyone yang remember me. All I ask is only someone who always appreciate me even I did something small to you. Thank you for reading! I hope you guys are having an amazing day and I will link down a Facebook of this cafe. 
Legato Floral Cafe

No 48, Bawah Jalan Aman, Kawas…