Time Flies

Not funny guys. Now, 25th of February 2017 and another 3 days kita dah masuk bulan March. Why time fly sooo fast like siang malam siang malam then dah hujung tahun. And talk about hujung tahun I'm going to sit on SPM this year! Sangat-sangat-takut because I feel like I'm not prepare for it properly, I just do revision for form4 syllabus whenever I want. Petang tadi I buat revision add maths form4 then I was like.... I need Wani... OH I bumped into Wani at Tesco petang tadi.

OK I'm trying to not wasting your time.

Since time flies too fast, I want you guys appreciate people around you. No matter how big or small their effort to make you happy, please appreciate them. I don't know why people nowadays susah sangat nak cakap thank you. Like... it takes 0$ to say thank you! Even a small thing macam barang you jatuh, orang tolong angkatkan then say thank you! Someone belanja you then say thank you! Your friend let you copy his/her homework then say thank you! ops. Guess what, I am so happy when someone appreciated my efforts even a small thing.

Second thing is be honest. Honesty is the best policy! I pernah marah dekat Wani and I bagitahu dekat kawan kawan yang lain AND after that I bagitahu Wani everything. I don't know why lately if I mengumpat about someone I feel like I nak mintak maaf dengan dia sekarang jugak. Hidayah ke apa ni... As a girl/women, its hard to not mengumpat seriously I dah try tapi still nak cakap buruk pasal orang. Syaitan ni la suka menghasut. Salahkan syaitan padahal iman tak kuat. So, kuatkanla iman anda untuk menjadi mukmin sejati! #donedakwah

The most important thing since dunia sekarang pun dah uzur, banyakkan beribadat kepada Allah SWT. You don't know when the end of the world, you don't know when you gonna die so just be prepare! I always tell myself, if I do something bad, either now or after this, I'm going to face my "hukuman". So better I do something beautiful and just lakukan perintah Allah SWT. Other than that, always forgive yourself. Tak kisah lah tak pernah solat ke, berzina ke apa, just forgive yourself. Then minta ampun dengan Allah SWT, Dia kan Maha Pengampun. And forgive people around you. I keep telling my friends, my family to always forgive people around them because when you forgive them, you akan rasa tenang.

I have found that when I go too fast, when I try to think, talk, eat and move around in my world really quickly then things don’t go too well. Stress builds up. Negative thoughts about just about anything start to well up and I feel like my own personal power decreases. But if I slow down just for a few minutes – even if I have to force it by walking, talking and eating slower – then my mind and body calms down too. It becomes easier to think things through clearly again and easier to find the optimistic and constructive perspective.


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